Customer Reviews

"Absolutely love when my husband gets me flowers from here! I love that you can go and give them the price range you're wanting and you get beautiful, quality flowers every time!!!! Amazing!"

-Ryan Lynn, 02.11.19 

"They do an amazing job at reasonable prices!"

-Rhonda Trube, 01.21.19

"Kim does AMAZING work! All I have to do is tell her who the arrangement is for and what the occasion is and she takes care of it perfectly."

-Rebecca Heikkila, 12.13.18 

"We asked for a fairly specific centerpiece for our mother's 80th birthday party. Kim did an AMAZING job!! I was so impressed by the store, the displays, & her floral arrangement! Thanks for making momma's day even more special!"

-Lorena Freis, 11.28.18

"My daughter's wedding flowers were beautifully done & Kim did everything to make them exactly perfect!!" 

-Melanie Vandestroet, 10.02.18

"This Nana from Sioux Falls forgot to take along the flower our 2-year old granddaughter was bringing to her mommy in Iowa after a babysitting week. We stopped at the Garden Shed on the way down, hoping to replace it...Kim was very sweet and gave our Sophie a pretty purple carnation...just what I had forgotten! Sophie may not have said much in the shop but got in the car, looked at the flower and said "I love this purple!" Thank you for cheering up our little girl and giving her the joy of handing her mommy a token of love!"

-Marlene Slothouber, 08.13.18

"The Garden Shed did an amazing job for my daughter's wedding!!! Kim listens to what her customers want and then gives them exactly that and so much more!!!!"

-Renee Douglas, 09.21.17

"The Garden Shed made a beautiful arrangement when I ordered over the phone. They were also very fast and sent a text with a picture of the arrangement so that I could see it! :) Highly recommend!"

-Tessa Dobish, 03.31.17

" The flower arrangement was beautiful that was sent to my son and his wife. I would recommend this shop to everybody. Thank you so much."

-Pamela Starkey, 09.28.16